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We are behavior scientists and psychologists, specialized in personality assessment of people applying for advanced positions or training possibilities.

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Coming Friday: Attending a conference for AME:s

This coming Friday, om October 21, I am attending a conference for Aviation Medical Examiners arranged by the Swedish Transport Agency. The main background for the conference is the Germanwings’ Flight Accident in the French Alps in 2015. Based upon the findings of that accident the European Aviation Safety Agency has delivered and proclaimed upgrades for all AME:s  in all EU countries. It is of necessity to check not the physical body of airline pilots and pilot trainees only, but all important parts of the mental sphere as well. And here is a space for the aviation psychologists.

During the conference I will provide the delegates with a brief lecture about aviation psychology including the interesting question if the applied psychology has changed and developed during the last decades – for the better or for the worse?

Regarding the “Adjusted Aviation Psychology Test” for Higher Vocational Education

Now and then we receive questions if we have any ability to perform the so called Adjusted Aviation Psychology Test for the Swedish Higher Vocational Education and its airline pilot training program.
Previously we have carried out several hundreds of such suitability tests within the frame that we have headlined as Advisory Suitability Assessments for Pilot training and work.
But since about one year back we have finished that kind of service directed towards the Higher Vocational Education programs.
The main reason why we have finished is that we have been quite critical towards this kind of test that is limited to investigate cognitive skills only. We have at all times clarified that we, Humans, have to become assessed and judged from a variety of dynamic interactions between cognitive capacities, our personality and our connections to different social fields (groups). We can not certify anything at all based upon cognitive skill levels only.

Besides: we have been actively working in the field of aviation psychology during more than fifty years. Some time you have to slow down the pace and at one point or another there is the the sign of The End coming up. It is natural.
But this does not mean that we are totally running out of our business. Not yet. We are still proudly co-working with Aviation Medical Examiners (AME:s) and with others that trust our expertise and deep, long lasting experiences. Not only in the areas of aviation but also in several other fields.

But, just to make it clear: if you are looking for someone who perform the limited “Adjusted Aviation Psychology Test” in order to apply to Pilot Training Organizations like SAA, SPU and TFHS we advise you to get in touch with those psychologists that you will find in their web sites.
Just a final advise: Check carefully that you will meet a licensed psychologist when you request or book a time for that kind of test.