Qualified Personality Assessment

We are all doing it – always. Assessing and judging other people. Which neighbors do I want to invite for a coffee and which will I avoid? Which seat beside which kind of person will I choose on the bus or in the subway and which will I avoid?
Most assessments are lightning fast and are mostly based upon perceptions mixed with my special emotions being arised. Such assessments are superficial and not particularly valid from a scientific point of view.

Qualified, professional assessments require much more, such as basic knowledges of Humans as representatives of specific cultures and other societal influences, of comprehension of psychological development and of different social interaction patterns. Based upon around fifty years of our professional experiences we are checking and rechecking all kinds of behavior data: appearance, speech, interaction profile, life experiences, mental resources and much more, sometimes by our specific psychological tools (tests) but mostly by our interviewing technique.